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Linux vs Windows Comparision

1. Free operating systems for life

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Expand your business to millions of customers Sell this item on Snapdeal. Sold by. Sell on Snapdeal. Explore More Operating Systems Books. In Same Price. Easy Return Policy. Help Center Got a question? Look no further. Microsoft does not even commit to definitively saying that all components except the motherboard.

Great tip. If you have automatic updates turned on it will probably re install it for you at some point. Before removing it, turn off automatic updates. Remove the offending update and reboot the computer. After you are logged back in, launch windows update and check for updates. Select the offending update, right click and select hide. Perform any other updates.

Linux vs Windows Comparision: Why Windows Is Better Than Linux

After reboot, turn automatic updates back on. See above for another option. So Anthony, I appreciate the tip about the update nag. The Win10Trojan KB will likely show up again in the list of available updates. Well, at least Microsoft-in-head is not automatically doing it to you, as they did with a big update about ten years ago. Thanks for the tip. I have been running Windows 10 in a VM for some weeks. The more important for your business news is that Windows 10 server has gone even more Unix-like with a micro-kernel approach which means that there is no GUI or even PowerShell interface unless you add them It is commanded remotely since you ask.

This should make Windows 10 server more like Docker in terms of performance and reliability especially as it is focussed rightly as an OS on cloud environments rather than physical servers. So yes, I will be upgrading to Windows 10 and so should you. Ha ha, I was going to recommend to you Classic Shell, and there you are, you have it!

To lose 5TB of data on a single drive is a big risk. I lost 2TB once due to a head crash. What if you lose your connection? The cloud must reside on physical servers somewhere too, and any and all hardware can fail for one reason or another. Basic practice. Buy new drive, copy important stuff. Retain old stuff on old drive. But trust the cloud? Forgive me if I chuckle…ha ha ha. I think our bernouli cartridges were a couple hundred bucks for 60 MB.

Zip drives came along a little later. Yes because the drive has to cater for bad sectors when detected and the data moved to a good sector. This is to do with ECC. Cloud systems use multiple technique to make sure that data is never lost, including RAID 5,6 as well as RAID 10 mirroring , SAN mirroring both within sites and across multiple sites using deduplicated stores.

So the answer is that yes you can get more capacity on a local drive but the risk of catastrophic loss is one or two magnitudes higher than a properly run cloud. With 8. I also use a 27 inch monitor and you can use the tiles with a mouse no problem whatsoever in fact access to the system can be easier once you get used to it. I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop without any problems whatsoever the only issue I have is when I click to use the system just as it is going to sleep and the blessed thing just sits there so you just have to hit the mechanical start button on Dell workstations because their is no restart button.

I ended up re-installing Windows 8. I still use XP and still get security updates from Microsoft, thanks to a line of Code inserted in the Registry that informs Microsoft that I am part of the US Military and need 5 more years of security support. I also have Kaspersky anti-Virus for XP working for me. One of the issues many people are worrying about is what they think Microsoft may do to them if they do accept the free MS Windows 10 upgrade. It remains to be seen if and when Microsoft will begin using this sales model for the operating systems, Win10 or later.

I looked at most comments but not all, none seems to show the easy way to remove the Windows 10 free upgrade icon in the notification area. Press OK and you are done. Just skimmed though the comments. Progess, mobility and usability over 40 years. Anyone who has used Windows over the years knows there have been hits and misses. ME was bad no, terrible. Vista was terrible. Definitely an improvement over 8.

I saw a YouTube previewing Win 10 quite a while ago. Altho they tried to make is sound like they were fleshing out 8 to integrate mobile and desktop features , it came across as really being about reimplementing all the things from 7 they fouled up in 8. The transition to 8. I think 8 was the end of the line for Ballmer. Can I turn off the notifications?

I run win 8. The icon you mention has never appeared, so maybe MS 10 is a 64 bit only OS?? And for all the XP lovers, 8. The word intuitive is used a lot with OS X and after 6 years I find it difficult to disagree. Yes, more expensive that a PC upfront but I find it easier to use and so I am more productive, plus it is much easier to install new software and upgrades.

After the Mavericks upgrade every application on my computer worked fine with only a slight issue for an old version of Lightroom that I use. The learning curve is much the same as with Windows for the first-time user. The difference is that Mac apps are much more consitent in the way they work, so once you have learned, then you use that knowledge productively instead of having to continually waste time relearning. Microsoft is desperate in trying to get people on to their next greatest OS. Microsoft knows people are not going to manually go and install their next Windows release so they are resorting to this automatic update thing and hope they will gain users.

They seem to have no idea that this will only make users more angry at them for doing this. Windows 10 is going to be another fail just like Windows 8 and 8. Maybe a bit better than eight, but not by much. And that background running process is stupid and useless indeed, eating resources and sending data to MS. The start menu is back in 10, the metro start screen is gone. You can use tiles essentially as much or as little as you want. In either case the close minded nature, complete with an obvious lack of research, rant on the subject does more to hurt your credibility in my eyes then any attack from some Green Peace or WWF hack.

Bought my wife a Macbook. After nearly two years I got tired of the swearing and I replaced it with a Levno Windows 8. The Macbook died within days anyway, we were very lucky to get the files she wanted off it in time. Now we share the windows Ondrive, and upgrading is simple. My daughter started doing coursework postgrad this year. Almost everyone in the class of uses a Windows Surface Pro. She used an Apple for her undergrad, and gave it to me within days of graduating.

No-one wants it in the family. Love modern Windows, even if it is not fashionable. Steep learning curve, and a different way of thinking, but can I ever get some work done on it. I have to use XP or W7 at work, and its very difficult going back to them, they feel clunky and my productivity definitely suffers. Tried Linux. I use a Macbook Pro laptops for editing I have owned 3 over the course of 15 years without a glitch.

In these cases you must provide your own security, by way of a 3rd party antispyware, antivirus, firewall package. There are very many to choose from, and they do a good job. This discussion is analogous to the carping at Classic Autos websites, about the poor brakes on an old Model-T Ford, and so on. Hey guys and gals, if you have some old hardware, you can still use that, but realize its limitations.

XP will keep on working until its hardware host finally burns out beyond repair, be assured of that! You can Still get Microsoft Bob for that old box in the garage and install it today, for a laugh maybe, but still there are fans. Click on my name to see independent download archive. I always update to the next Windows version. The new one is always better in several ways.

Seems not. Unfortunately the people here recommending Linux either do not work in IT, have never supported thousands of end users or have never supported them on the desktop with Linux. Unless you work in IT it is not recommended you move to Linux but if want to try it Linux Mint is the most use user friendly Distro currently available Yes I have tried all the major Distros.

Linux Distros are a convoluted mess of version incompatibilities. However, you should be aware of all of the major problems associated with using Linux that clueless advocates will not tell you about likely because they are unaware of them or pretend they do not exist,. Serious bugs which impede normal workflow can take years to be resolved.

A lot of crucial hardware e. Hardware issues: Under Linux many devices and devices features are still poorly supported or not supported at all. Some hardware e. Broadcom Wi-Fi adapters cannot be used unless you already have a working Internet connection. New hardware often becomes supported months after introduction. Specialized software to manage devices like printers, scanners, cameras, webcams, audio players, smartphones, etc.

Different distros employ totally different desktop environments, different graphical and console applications for configuring your computer settings. Almost non-existent backwards compatibility makes it incredibly difficult and costly to create closed source applications for Linux distros. Developing drivers out of the main Linux kernel tree is an excruciating and expensive chore. No familiar Windows software, no Microsoft Office LibreOffice still has major troubles opening correctly Microsoft Office produced documents , no native CIFS simple to configure and use, as well as password protected and encrypted network file sharing equivalent, no Active Directory or its featurewise equivalent.

Money, enthusiasm, motivation and responsibility: I predicted years ago that FOSS developers would start drifting away from the platform as FOSS is no longer a playground, it requires substantial efforts and time, i. FOSS development, which lacks financial backing, shows its fatigue and disillusionment. The FOSS platform after all requires financially motivated developers as underfunded projects start to wane and critical bugs stay open for years. This is complete nonsense. Talking as someone who does support Linux on the desktop for naive users, I get on average one or two calls a year, and they are all about stuff like how to do rareified things in word processing, or charts.

Same problem would come up with MS Office. Every four or five years I go do system upgrade, and it works fine.

free yourself from microsoft and the nsa complete book 16 mb.pdf

Mostly by then we are replacing hardware. Every single issue listed in the article I linked above is not an opinion but a fully sourced fact. Linux and other Unix derivatives are dominant in the Internet server market. In terms of desktop productivity apps, OpenOffice with its conventional menus on either OS is now far easier to use than the horrid ribbon interface on recent Microsoft Office releases. The reason Linux is rarely found on the desktop is that special-purpose software almost always assumes a Windows desktop, and in some cases also forces the use of a Windows server.

That is why most business users are reluctant to go the Linux route. Accounting and payroll software is probably the main offender in this respect, as there is rarely a Linux or Mac equivalent. I guess you could use a VM for the accounts package, but then you still run into issues like the accounts package perversely demanding an Exchange client and nothing else if it is to send invoices by email.

For younger home users games dominate, and almost all are Windows only. For the mature home user, Linux is a good option though. Or, a Mac.

Either will be far less troublesome than Windows. Surprisingly most end users largely prefer the ribbon interface even if I am not a fan of it. Linux Distros like Mint can be a good option if you just want to browse the web with Google Chrome and do not work in a business environment. Yes, people do have problems with Windows — in my experience, more than with Linux, though there is considerable overlap in the form of problems figuring out Office on either one.

How to install Libreoffice (Free Office Suite) on Windows 10

But, if you need some specific bit of software that only runs on Windows, you need it. And its also true that Linux is going to work best for the average user whose work pattern and application use is stable over time and consists mostly of web, email, office.

I have yet to have a compatibility problem with Libreoffice and Mickeysoft. I exchange. It is probably more accurate to state they are some special kind of nightmare that may lead to a zalgo situation. Implementing features takes time because of this complexity. Why does LibreOffice still have such poor formatting of. This is actually nearly impossible as the OOXML standard has more than pages and the doc filter was written in a time when there was no specification of the file format available.

Home users can get away with OO and LO without much problem. The only thing stopping me is the prospect of another learning curve or two with possibly no gain or even a potential loss in functionality. Richard, the main reason to consider them is financial. If you can afford Microsoft Office then there is no reason to use them instead. However, if saving hundreds of dollars is important then they are excellent free alternatives. Regardless they are free to download and will work alongside Microsoft Office so download them and give them a try.

In any case, Classic Shell is one of the best add-ons, giving you a more XP-like desktop with a sensible start menu. Thanks Anthony. Much appreciated! You could include me, too, for several reasons. I use a PC only for my personal finances, including taxes. The only websites I go to are banks, brokers, and the IRS for forms.

I prefer to submit my taxes on hard paper, not electronically. The IRS seems prone to too many hard disk crashes. I wish I could freeze the PC from any future changes. It does exactly what I want, and I desire no upgrades. I use my PC frequently, but for short periods. I have specified manual updates every place I can find. Nevertheless, invariably when I need some info quickly, it begins an auto-update of something when I boot up, keeping me from using my own computer.

My primary complaint, though, are the machines Windows runs on. I have had more than my share of crashes, system failures, and hardware problems with PCs, regardless of the manufacturer. What I am typing on now is an iPad2. This iPad has a cracked screen and been dropped more times than I can count. This is the one I toss in the car whenever I go anywhere. It works flawlessly. The old Macintosh Plus I have yes, very ancient — more than twenty-five years old. The model number of the mouse is M stll works, including its external hard drive.

I have a half-dozen PCs in the basement, no longer functional. I would have to pay to get rid of the PCs. Well,I followed the directions and the icon did in fact disappear windows 7 starter on a 5 year old net book. That is until this AM when I turned my machine on again and just like magic the icon was right back again.

Will try the uninstall again. PC interface design was never really about consumer needs or productivity. If you want to lower your total cost of ownership, especially if you are a business, switch to Mac. I have been in IT for 30 years. The pain I see everyday mostly comes from the Windows side. Another thing. You are wasting your money on Windows and PCs. This allows me to upgrade every three years for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to do so on Windows.

Apple hardware holds it value. Lastly, it is a fact that Apple owns the whole widget experience and focuses on both hardware and software quality. In the Wintel world, your mileage may vary a lot.

2. Free programs

And Microsoft often could give a rip if Dell produces bad hardware and vice versa. The entire Microsoft premise that software can exist in a vacuum without deep hardware integration is an anachronism and a fallacy. This is funny. I spend much of my development day in a MS VM that runs on a linux box. What is this deep hardware integration requirement you speak of? Everyone should use what they feel comfortable with.

But the reflexive windows 8. I switched from windows 7 to windows 8. Some things irritate me, sure. But most of the touch complaints can be customized away with little effort and other features are an improvement. Apple uses exactly the same hardware components as everyone else though all too often budget versions at premium prices and OSX has exactly the same relationship to that hardware as Windows and Unixes. Hardware integration? Its completely nuts. It was nuts even in the days of PPC, but its totally off the wall now.

Or, if you think it really means something, just give an instance of how OSX relates to some bit of hardware, in a deeper and more integrated way than Windows. Like maybe when it writes to a samsung hard drive? G ood discussion! My Win XP box is a standalone machine with no networking of any kind. Other than the addition of a graphics card, it runs now the same as it did the day it was unpacked 5 years ago, and that is flawlessly.

Will Robinson! There is a good caution about the possible danger of using a Win XP online these days. Did I mention games? Win XP works great for that. For fantasy and escape, computer games beat the movies imo. With the latter, you just sit there and take whatever they dish out. These days, Unreal Tournament is my goto first-person shooter for some quick action.

No harm, no foul.

Four Options for XP Die-hards

Did I mention that Grace Kelly was in that movie? But the bottom line may be that computers are too powerful, especially in the hands of skilled users, so obviously the next step is for TPTB to limit, throttle, muzzle, dumb down everything so that it is more difficult for independent people to do their own thing, whatever that might be with respect to art, music, writing, editing, design, composition, video, engineering, simulations, and yes, even modelling. I came here this morning using my newly created Linux Mint Win 7 on this box has been getting very sluggish, and I use it almost exclusively for web browsing anyway, so Mint it is!

At least for as long as persistence persists on this stick. I used Mepis and Mint with some success. Actually, it rests on a step-stool for improved ventilation and reduced kickability. But many software outfits are troubled: — ESET has a bad attitude toward even hearing complaints about certain features. Too much hype, as with everything including climate science. WhoIs does not respond promptly to my email being blocked because of spam behaviour of a customer hosted on the same server as my account.

My problem is that I never update my OS to newer major versions. Windows becomes slower and slower over time. When a new upgrade comes along I wipe the drive and install completely new. I want a 10 DVD and I will then wipe my drive and install new. Only real way to speed up your Windows back to normal. You may get failure indications on completion if you are not online at the time, it gives you the name of a log to look in. Another great article! Personally, I too hate the intrusive attempt that Windows update caused.

However, from reading about Windows 10, it seems quite a viable system that will be quite good. So, I selected the free update offer, then uninstalled that update. Thanks for the instructions. My computer blue screened twice and Im having problems connecting to my cable modem since the windows icon appeared. I really resent that Microsoft issued this optional update offering a free upgrade to Windows There was no warning that this was going to happen.

Navigation menu

Seeing that Windows icon in my system tray and the Windows 10 logo on my updates screen felt like an intrusion into my work space, and there was no option to make it go away. Disagree if you want, but I like Windows 8. I am happy with the way I have it configured. Not only all of this, but here is the real clincher: The optional update that installed this Windows 10 offer causes integrity violations in my system files! This fixed the problem for me on my Windows 8. I will give it a go though tomorrow.

The sooner you ditch Microsoft the happier you will be. Nothing Microsoft makes will ever be secure or user friendly. The whole PC business model depends on making your hardware and software obsolete. You can wonder how a company can release software requiring constant patches for security holes for 20 years or you can just reformat your drive and install linux. I hate this. This is exactly why nearly everyone hates Microsoft. I think their application software is very good, and improving all the time. I have the icon and it just sits there. A much bigger problem is popups on websites, especially those that obscure large parts of the screen, and those that you cannot close.

Anthony, I would add a paragraph to your instructions. After you uninstall update KB and restart the computer, go into Windows Update and tell it to check for updates. For most hackers, update spoofing is now the preferred method of attack, since it requires less coding skill than a buffer-overflow exploit or the like, and also beautifully defeats UAE, since the user is bound to elevate the downloaded malware on request if they have swallowed the bait.

I have found over longstanding experience that if business users are told to always cancel any prompts to manually update software, regardless of where the popup CLAIMS to be from, this results in a substantial reduction in malware incidents. Better still, install a software policy that makes it impossible for an ordinary user to launch downloads. I am so glad that there are people who keep up with these little pieces of BS!! Thank you, the removal worked well. Thanks to the Ranter! Otherwise they will auto-reinstall themselves.

A nerd after our own hearts, and uncannily so. Thanks for saving us the time to track down this inane update ourselves and having to post a similar rant about Windows H8 and its equally retarded progeny that THIS productive computer user neither needs nor wants. Thanks dude — worked like a charm. Hated that icon. I hated 8 and 8.

You were being nice calling them boneheads. I have a few other words for them :. Granted it does not remove the update, but why would you want to? Quite frankly, I do not understand the desire not to upgrade to Windows 10, if for other reason than to have a very secure OS. I have been running both the beta and preview options on a dual-boot laptop that is also running Windows 7 Ultimate. The laptop is not touch-capable so I am using a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

Windows 10 is designed to take advantage of touch, but that does not mean one has to sacrifice a mouse or keyboard. Also, despite your concerns, the Windows 10 interface is not noticeably different than Windows 7 and, unlike Windows 8 and 8. I agree, Microsoft should have made receipt of the update an affirmative action; that is, you would receive the update ONLY if you wanted it. The following article thoroughly studies half the problem and concludes Win10 is reliable while ignoring future mishaps and the Linux alternatives to this risk : Attempting to answer whether MS is snooping Susan Bradley, Windows Secrets ; later, she changes her mind with Suggestions for a more dependable Windows The Register, and the Comments thread that follows, are less forgiving: Pitchfork time after Redmond force-feeds upgrade.

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